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5 Reasons Pokémon GO is My Favorite Pokémon Game Ever

Remember in the classic Sailor Moon anime, when Jedite would come up with crazy convoluted plans in order to collect energy for the Negaverse?

I'm pretty sure if we lived in the Sailor Moon universe, the newly released Pokémon GO would be the latest Negaverse plot.

Pokémon GO is essentially a dream come true for diehard Pokémon fans. To be honest, I don't even consider myself that big of a fan, considering I haven't watched all of the anime seasons, nor have I played through all the games. But Pokémon GO is by far the best game app I have ever downloaded on my phone. Here's why:

1. It's free.
The other Pokémon games by Nintendo will generally run you $30-$40, and they don't really get discounted by much after their initial release. You also have to take into consideration the fact that you have to keep up with Nintendo's handheld consoles in order to play the newest games, and those aren't cheap, either. (As of now, a Nintendo 2DS, which is an older model and was released in 2013, costs about $80 new.)

In contrast, Pokémon GO is free to download, and while it does feature in-app purchases, you don't actually have to purchase anything to progress in the game, because you can pick up all the items you need. It's true that you will need a compatible smartphone in order to play, and ideally a robust enough data plan, but considering I have both of those already, it doesn't seem like an extra cost.

2. It doesn't force you to battle other Pokémon or trainers.
In order to advance in the other Pokémon games, you have to train your Pokémon and engage in battles. But in Pokémon GO, that stuff's all optional. There are Gyms here and there, but you don't have to engage them if you don't want to. Moreover, to catch new Pokémon, you just lob Pokéballs at them and hope for the best, rather than whittling them down to the lowest HP possible and then capturing them.

3. It provides a lot more freedom in regards to interacting with Pokémon.
This is somewhat related to the second point, but in the other Pokémon games, the main point is to either defeat the Elite Four (or equivalent) or complete your Pokédex by catching all the Pokémon available. I have heard that in later generations, the objectives branch out a little, but the main point is still to Be The Very Best (by beating everyone else and catching all the Pokémon).

With Pokémon GO, though? There is no definite End Point of the game, which means you decide what your objective is. Want to catch all the cute Pokémon and call it a day? Be my guest. Want to hatch as many Eggs as you can? Go right ahead. Want to fill up all your 250 Pokémon slots with Zubat? That's totally fine.

To be honest, I have never really seen the appeal of training Pokémon and having to build a well balanced team with Pokémon I may not necessarily like. I want a team of all Water Pokémon, darnit! In the anime, they have other Pokémon-related professions, like breeders, watchers, professors, etc., and those have always seemed much more interesting to me than the generic trainer. And in Pokémon GO, you don't have to be a trainer.

4. It brings unlikely groups together.
The other Pokémon games are traditionally solitary games. Even though they do incorporate trading with friends (or strangers), it's an aspect of the game that can easily be ignored. You can finish the whole game sitting in your house.

Pokémon GO forces you to go outside, where there are other players most likely congregating around the area you want to go to. For a shy person like me, this is a little intimidating, but Pokémon can bring people together in ways you wouldn't imagine. I've already read a bunch of stories of people who have struck up unlikely friendships over Pokémon GO, and yeah, maybe these friendships will only last until the fad passes, but you never know what seeds may have been sown in that brief interaction.

5. It makes walking fun.
I hardly think Pokémon GO provides good cardio exercise (it's hard to walk fast when you're always stopping to catch Pokémon), but any amount of walking is better than sitting on one's butt. Plus I'm already in the habit of going on a walk during my lunch hour, so this is like an added perk -- provided the game servers are up, that is.

Are there some things about Pokémon GO that could be improved? Yes, of course -- stabilizing server uptime, guaranteeing player safety, and minimizing potential security risks. But on the whole, Pokémon GO is one of the most engaging mobile games ever released, and it really is like part of my childhood came true.

Now I just need a Yu-Gi-Oh! version. 8D
I don't mind not having the Yu-Gi-Oh! version but I hope this model is used in the future for so many things like a better Pottermore or earlier on Tumblr, someone mentioned Percy Jackson...

There's so much potential.