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Animation on Display 2016

So this weekend is Animation on Display (AOD), a local anime convention that's much smaller than Fanime but still has a lot of cool stuff. AOD also has Fanime beat in terms of venue, because this year they held it at the Santa Clara Convention Center, which boasts free parking (and beats trying to park in downtown San Jose any day).

Unfortunately, I was not familiar with any of the guests this year, apart from Liz Climo, who is an artist for The Simpsons but whom I actually know because of the cute comics she posts on her Tumblr. It seems like people were pretty excited about the guests, though, even if I didn't know any of them. The biggest names were probably Hato Moa & Damurushi, the creators of Hatoful Boyfriend, which I've definitely heard of but have never checked out.

Anyway, this is just a quick recap of Saturday, since I don't think I'll get the chance to go back tomorrow. No pictures, unfortunately.

I was originally going to go with my sister, but she got strep throat earlier in the week and was under a lot of stress from school interviews, so we figured she should just take it easy this weekend. I was a little hesitant about going by myself, since these things are inevitably more fun with friends, and I even considered not cosplaying, but I ultimately decided to just take the plunge. Good thing too, because it ended up being a great experience.

Registration/badge pick-up started at 8:30, but since there was nothing going on until 10:00, I didn't arrive until after then. I was actually scrambling a bit in the morning because I was debuting my cosplay as Carly Nagisa from Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's, but I couldn't figure out how to get all my hair under the wig cap. Luckily, Carly's hair color is similar enough to mine so I cheated and just braided it back and let it hang under the wig. Heh. I'll figure it out some other time.

Panels I attended:

* "Art and Social Media" with Liz Climo - Nothing too interesting in this one; I just liked hearing her talk about her cute comics.
* "Fabric Choice for Cosplay" - I wasn't planning on attending this originally, but I had a gap in my schedule and it seemed like it wouldn't hurt to attend. There was a ton of information and I definitely didn't retain it all, but I did learn a wee bit about fibers versus finishes and how certain fabrics photograph compared to others.
* "Viz Media Industry Panel" - This one was... a little awkward. Mostly because the Viz employee who ran it also did the Viz Media panel at Fanime last year, and she was not very technologically competent then and doesn't seem to have improved. I actually recognized and remembered her, that's how awkward it was at Fanime last year. But that aside, the panel was fine, and it was cute seeing how excited she was to share all the latest Viz anime/manga news. Speaking of which, I was all set to buy the new Death Note Omega Edition that she mentioned... then I realized it was a Blu-Ray release. =_=
* "Fansubbing for Dummies" with Doremi Fansubs - I've actually dabbled in fansubbing before (for MVs and dramas), so I knew pretty much everything in the panel already. However, they did include a brief history of anime fansubbing, which was interesting because I've never subbed for anime (with good reason). The only thing I didn't like about this panel was there was this really annoying girl sitting near the back who kept talking to the people around her. Hello? Manners?
* "Crunchyroll Industry Panel" - This panel was packed. Which is cool because hey, Crunchyroll is providing a good service, and I'm glad people are supporting it. The panel started off with an awkward promotion for Crunchyroll Premium, but once we got past that and the panelists started showing clips from some of the shows they're simulcasting, it got better. Apparently, Erased is the big show to be watching this season.

Since AOD is so much smaller than Fanime, its Artist Alley, Dealers Hall, and Swap Meet are all on a smaller scale as well, and the only things I bought were a few prints. (Which is good for my February budget because my friends and I are doing a San Diego/LA trip next weekend to attend a JJ Lin concert. Heh.) I'm trying to find links to the prints I got, since AOD provides a helpful guide to all the AA artists, but for some reason, I can't figure it out right now. Maybe later.

Cosplay isn't huge at AOD -- people do it, of course, but there aren't any official gatherings, and its subforum is pretty empty. So I didn't really get pictures of good cosplay, except for one of a Mandalorian Twi'lek from Star Wars. I did get some nice compliments on my cosplay, though, which was very encouraging, and one of my favorite Yu-Gi-Oh! fan artists even took a picture of me. And I also bumped into another cosplayer who cosplays one of my favorite characters from Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's (though she was dressed as something else today), but I got too nervous and tongue-tied to tell her that she was one of the cosplayers who inspired me to make my Carly cosplay. *sigh* It's so hard to talk to people you admire from online stuff. =_=

All in all, a pretty good small con experience. Except for the random time these two college boys (whose names I already forgot... oops) struck up a conversation with me and tried to get me to walk around Artist Alley with them and add them on Facebook. Uhhhh you guys are strangers and I literally just met you, why would I add you on Facebook? Plus, they identified my cosplay wrong... which actually led to a funny conversation with them, but then it got awkward fast. Next time, definitely bringing the sister.